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NataliE HUnter | Custom Wedding OFFICIANT

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Hi, I'm Natalie Hunter.

My job as your ceremony officiant is to listen and help you develop language to honor your love. I will by nature keep it REAL. Your love story is unique as you are and it's my job to help find the words to fit your romance.

As your wedding celebrant we will work together to create a ceremony that speaks truth to your unique love, binds you to each other and delivers you and your family joy and love in that most special moment.

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Here is a little bit about me, but you can be sure THIS DAY is about YOU and your love story. I'm Natalie Hunter, a wedding officiate based out of South Lake Tahoe, Ca. I have spent 20 years living and working in one of the world's most beautiful wedding destinations.

I enjoy helping couples create a ceremony that is a unique expression of their love and relationship. With tailoring the wedding to each couple and their venue, weddings have ranged from 7 minutes to 37 minutes. My purpose is to give each couple the wedding ceremony they want. I'm able to officiate non-denominational ceremonies that emphasize the couple's theme and style, ranging from inspirational to spiritual to romantic—and even to lighthearted.

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five star rating

Natalie added faith, love, laughter to our wedding. I fully recommend if you want a meaningful ceremony with a heartfelt officiate Natalie is the way to go!!

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Ryan and Stefanie

five star rating

Natalie was very professional. We asked for a Native American ceremony, Mother Nature being our higher power and Natalie's script brought us both to tears.

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John Thorpe

five star rating

Absolutely flawless! The love she has in her heart comes out when she speaks. We all had many tears of joy. I highly recommend her services. Natalie provided memories that will last a lifetime.

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Natalie Hunter

Greetings And Joyous Tidings, from here in beautiful South Lake Tahoe, I am Natalie Hunter, founder of Officiant of Love Tahoe — the perfect destination for the most extraordinary couples who want their love story to be a treasured and indelible memory.

As a married woman of 14 years and mother to six adorable kids, I have been living in South Lake Tahoe for the past 20 years, officiating ceremonies, from traditional to secular and non-traditional, for VIP couples like you for 3 years.

For me, it is about creating a one-of-a-kind, personalized ceremony to capture the unique beauty of your relationship and make your special day even more magical. When not officiating weddings, I love to make the most of my time off with activities like hiking, reading, studying, and basking in the sun at the nearby beaches. Despite approaching retirement age, I am still looking for ways to refine my skills and create the perfect ceremony so that your special day is something that you and your guests will appreciate for a lifetime.

I have had the honor of officiating all types of ceremonies, from traditional and secular to non-traditional. Let Us Weave the Tapestry of Your Perfect Love Story! Here at Officiant of Love Tahoe, I am passionate about creating beautiful, meaningful wedding vows that genuinely reflect the magical love of two people.

As your wedding vow scribe, I am friendly, outgoing, and dedicated to helping you create a unique and cherished experience. At Officiant of Love Tahoe, I commit myself to delivering an event as unique as your love.

Whether through meeting face-to-face, holding Zoom meetings, emailing, or through our particular phone and FaceTime systems, I am always here to help you make the perfect ceremony. So, if you are ready to create the beautiful love story you have always dreamed of, let me help you bring it to life.

Visit us online today, or reach out and let us help you design the perfect special ceremony. Let's make your love story the talk of the town!

I look forward to hearing from you. Wishing you all the best in love, Natalie Hunter Officiant of Love Tahoe

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